About us

Premium-Lackpflege – order first class car care products simply online, shop for interior and exterior care and cleaning products, polish, sealing and much more… 

Our shop provides a wide range of caring and cleaning products for your car or motorcycle from the well-known brands Meguiar’s, Scholl Concepts, 3M, farecla, mirka and the German quality brand ROTWEISS. 
Whether you are searching for polish or polishing sponges for brilliant shine, sealing for protecting the surface, or abrasive technology, we got what you need! 
In addition, any matching accessory articles or complete sets are available in our online shop. 

Professional exterior cleaning and care in the premium-lackpflege.de shop

Automotive paint is permanently affected by external influences and vulnerable to scratches, dirt or environmental impacts like insolation, exhaust gases, rain, road salt or pollen. Those can cause rust, loss of shine and let the paint appear old. This process can be decelerated by regular care and conservation with our premium products. 
Start your professional carwash with our top-notch car shampoos, which prepare the vehicle for polishing and sealing or choose a Quik Detailer for cleaning an already sealed surface. 

Select from a large variety of cleaners for every kind of staining and create a lacquer surface that shines as good as new. The chosen products of our wax selection and cleaning clays offer the best protection for your vehicle and generate a brilliant high-gloss. 
In addition, the premium-lackpflege shop offers cleaners and highly effective dirt remover for the wheel rims. 

High-quality interior care in the premium-lackpflege.de shop

Not only the vehicle exterior but also the interior is vulnerable to dirt, smells, ageing and wear. Our interior products, odour eliminators and air fresheners counteract unpleasant odours, create shiny surfaces and freshen up the color of your leather and seat covers. 

Premium-lackpflege.de – your strong partner for a brilliant appearance and your number 1 for car care.